3D Storm simulation

This piece was developed for an environmental group, 350.org, but was mostly my personal introduction to coding 3D environments. One of the key points I decided to focus on was their key point of carbon dioxide content in the air and its ability to make storms more severe.

My layout was very simple. I added a flat terrain space and two backgrounds, some simple tree assets and a house and finally a randomly generated rain matrix. Due to my use of only one camera angle, I decided it was unnecessary to generate an elaborate landscape for my scene. It’s simple and it gets the point across. My biggest concern I had with my layout is the textures I used, I used simple cartoonish colour packs that really take away from the dark severe tone I was building. I had included photorealistic textures, and had them function very well, but it was demanded of me that they be removed under the concern that it would be too much to process from online.

The last concern I had, which may or may not have been saved by photorealistic textures, was my preloader. Do to the purely symbolic information of my storm scene, I thought it would be best to include valuable context in the preloader. This way visitors to 350.org would clearly and immediately understand the visuals that follow this message. The only concern was in that the scene was too simple, and loaded too quickly, so I actually had to add a delay timer in the page’s code. The preloader now remains on the page until three seconds after the scene and all assets have finished loading.

This website was constructed with the help of Foundations 6