Shadowrun Dice Application

In my spare time, I enjoy playing some games with my private tabletop gaming group. We’ve recently been playing Shadowrun, a cyberpunk story driven role playing game with exciting lore, but a massive and complex collection of rules. The standard solution for determining whether a player succeeds or fails at something is by rolling success dice. You add all relevant stats together and roll a number of six-sided dice equal to your sum, and every five or six you get is called a success. The problem with this process is that it takes a very long time. With high stats, a player could spend up to 30 minutes determining whether or not he hit what he was shooting at.

Using a simple JavaScript function, and within five minutes of waiting for my friend to finish rolling, I developed a form that would calculate all your dice rolls, and tell you exactly how many successes you got in an instant. For the sake of integrity, and making sure no one suspected I was trying to cheat, I had the page display each individual dice result so players could see the logic my page was running.

In my first iteration, I didn’t bother adding any instructional context. This was primarily to finish it quickly so my friends could use it as quickly as possible, but also because it wasn’t necessary. It was only intended for the five players in my group, all of whom I was speaking to in real time so I could just tell them what to do.

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